Origin of the Races

Have you ever searched the Bible?

Did you find the origin of your race?

There is no such thing amongst its pages

Of race there is not a single trace.


Race is an evolutionary concept

Used by Darwin, Huxley and Haeckel,

These nineteenth century Evolutionistic ideas

Since then have mislead many people.


In the Bible you’d not find the word

Not alluding to people or the concept,

This divisive, separatist ideology

Should be treated as a total reject.


There is no white race or black race,

From where did this fallacy come?

Thank God there are no racial divisions

In His everlasting kingdom.


I point you to Genesis 10 and verse 32

Note the families of the sons of Noah

“And by these were the nations divided”,

Read it for yourself; the Bible says it’s so.


The worldwide division was at Babel,

Find it in Genesis eleven from verse nine,

This was the scattering of all peoples

Not races as Darwin and company opined.


They were scattered according to families

Every one dispersed after his tongue,

Out of this the formation of nations,

This ideology called race is wrong.


In Genesis chapter ten there you find a list

That shows that Darwin was not right,

And this has been totally supported

By the great archaeologist, William F Albright.


From his detailed and in depth research

He found this list “astonishingly accurate”,

For him the Bible was the correct explanation

And with this too I can relate.


Now hear the conclusion of this matter

Back to Adam and Eve you will trace,

That there are not many races but one;

That one we know is the human race.


God created us all in his image

Adam and Eve were told to multiply,

We all are the children of one father

And with this ideology I comply.


It does not matter where the location,

It is of no essence the skin colour,

What matters is that we are one family

Brothers and sisters one of another.


God made the world and all therein

And has made of all nations of one blood,

So that when our fore parents were created

God described His creation as very good.


Time to abolish this schism about races,

Time to eradicate its root and all its traces,

Time to denounce this evil that defaces

God’s creation and appreciate their graces.


Stewart Russell © 2015