Leaving God’s Basic Template: That’s Queer

Oh dear! Oh dear! What have they gone and done?

Oh dear! Oh dear! What a travesty under God’s sun!

Showing scant respect for the entire family

Setting new record lows for human immorality.


Can you really believe it?  Discarding Adam and Eve

In exchange for a new family built on Norman and Steve

Or just as abnormally for Mary Jane and Emily

Living together and pretending to be a family.


A whole lot of talk and discussion to and fro

Then legally deciding God’s design really must go-

A courtroom of persons born of a woman and man

Moved to take family completely out of God’s hand.


Had the majority of them stopped to contemplatively reflect

They would have moved swiftly to unanimously reject

And take heed of God’s design as they sensibly project

Rather than a verdict that this law we must accept.


I find it hard to believe that such intelligent minds

Could concertedly find themselves in such a bind

To legalize marriage between two of the same kind,

Decreeing all and sundry must accept its bitter rind.


Out of the assembled panel of legal luminaries

Only four stood up for truth and human dignity-

As a good brother dutifully drew to my attention

Certainly such lights in the darkness deserve a mention.


It appears to me that as they sat to deliberate

Just four of them paused to thoughtfully evaluate

The fallout that would attend each and every plate

Simply because the others voted to open the floodgate.


Be informed that this matter touches each and everyone

And life as we once knew it is now practically gone;

Exchanging God’s plan for a very cheap thrill

No amount of water now will help us swallow this pill…


Fallout number one is the certain depopulation

That will definitely decrease the coming generation,

For how will two of the same be able to generate

Unless they turn to opposites in order to procreate.




And since children are an essential part of the family

What right do they have to someone else’s fertility?

Sperm and egg that is a man and woman thing

Should not be given to any two in a same sex fling…


I vote that if two of the same want to live together

Let them both work together to produce another.

Any court that accedes to their unreasonable demand

Is not worth the paper that carries that command.


In all the animal kingdom there’s male and female

But I guess some may say this argument is now stale,

However, let me state again and let the record show

That this is God’s design for those who still don’t know.


Let me say before I leave this matter though

That depopulation is an agenda, I’m sure that it’s so,

What better way to achieve it than by such a rule

For same sex unions can’t produce so that is cool.


By now you and I should have clearly deduced

That this law favours those unable to reproduce,

For same sex unions is the sure way to reduce

Future generations and we have signed that truce.


Let’s chat about discrimination for a moment or two

As to this everyone is guilty both me and you;

In every choice we make all of us discriminate-

We choose what things to like and what to hate.


However, it baffles me when minorities are given

Rights over majorities and with new laws driven

To amend the established law as they put in place

A law that removes majority rights without a trace.


“This law wouldn’t affect those who do not agree.”

This was how some tried to placate you and me.

It is merely to provide a legal framework for the LGBT

To live out their orientation under the right of equality…


Consider the hapless minister who refuses to honour

This law that has been passed in the LGBT favour

Refusing to join a same sex couple in holy matrimony

Could well find himself out of a job and out of money.


Think of the doctor who’s now required to perform

A change of sex operation although not the norm

But refuses to do so since it was never his practice

And ends up before the law courts, another on the list.

Take for example: it would now be an illegal act

To refuse to render a service or engage in a contract

To provide accommodation for a same sex couple

Or even bake their cake would be asking for trouble.


You see while ordinarily I could refuse to comply

And decide to whom I sell and from whom I buy,

That would now only be all right with heterosexuals

But certainly not in the case of same sex couples.


You see this now constitutes a crime of discrimination

When ordinarily it would just have been a preference

To trade or to do business with whomever you want

But… refusing a same sex couple will come back to haunt.


Before it appeared that the majority was ruling,

Now society is changing and so in need of retooling-

Democracy now decides that the fewer is the better,

The minority vote determines the law and the letter.


Then there is the matter of the rights of the child

That the law had sworn to uphold but now has denied

In its urgent haste to honour this strange request

The child has been thrown into a peculiar… mess.


In some cases foster homes have had to be closed

Resisting the authorities was the way they chose.

The idea of two mothers or two fathers they clearly resent

And objected to placing children in a same sex arrangement.


Within the close confines of the nuclear family

The infant distinguishes between Mummy and Daddy.

Imagine the difficulty that child will have then

When the parents are two females or even two men.


Will little John Doe have two mummies or daddies?

Or will little Mary Jane have two daddies or mummies?

Which of the two will perform the role of motherhood

Or change the roles from time to time? I guess they would.


Which gender would these children eventually be?

Which of the two parents would they model, pray, tell me?

Why didn’t the authorities stop to consider such anomalies

Given the entitlement of children to have stable families?


And what of the situation where you don’t know better

And you address the child’s father but it’s the mother,

And you are harshly reprimanded for such an offense

Then suffer great embarrassment having no defense.

“This is my mummy, not my daddy,” the child may correct,

“Please teacher I must inform you I’m extremely upset

And so is my mother too, for she really didn’t expect

That you couldn’t tell the difference when you first met…


But didn’t someone consider the moral implications?

This sordid act is really worst than discrimination

For God is displeased with those that indulge therein

For same sex intercourse is one of the abominable sins.


Some intellectuals argue that some were born gay,

Nature’s design is to blame, they characteristically say.

Even if that is true and there’s no proof to show that it is so

One must remember we are all in a fallen state here below.


So because some have a propensity for a certain behaviour

Does that mean that they should be granted special favour

To practice that activity though it’s morally wrong

And laws be implemented to encourage such a throng?


Can’t we envisage a society that has lost its value system?

Give them whatever they want even if it kills them-

A law to make right wrong and wrong right

And a sworn duty to punish any that against such fight.


There’s an oncoming tsunami but it is no use to run,

We have exchanged good practice for short-lived fun,

Erotic and erratic behavior have replaced common sense

So the minority can have fun at the majority’s expense.


What chaos!  What trouble!  What utter confusion!

What a sick world that’s in need of a spiritual transfusion!

HIV right here among us as Hell’s Invitation Veiled

An Assured Inherent Death Sentence AIDS clearly displayed!


But there is a CURE: Christ the Universal Reliable Escape!

God has provided for everyone who would choose to take

Hold of the offer of salvation that is in Christ alone

Whose blood effects the transfusion and for sin did atone.


Refuse this great offer and we could only ask, “What is next?”

We’ve had promiscuous heterosexual and same gender sex.

Next could be pedophilia, bestiality and maybe necrophilia

And whatever else might be listed on the one world’s agenda.


That we are in for a rough ride is clearly how it appears

More laws to eliminate human rights and increase our fears

For as time passes human rights will be for a selective few

Who will live as they please, and do whatever they wish to do.

This takes me back to George Orwell’s “Animal Farm”

And “The Emperor’s New Clothes”, and a little boy’s alarm

The animals enacted the very hardships that the humans did

And the Emperor before his subjects behind nothing hid.


Another courtroom, another parliament, another poll,

Another law, another enactment… and a modified role,

An unveiling of Satan’s strategies… just as Jesus foretold,

His offer might glitter but remember it’s not genuine gold.


Stewart Russell © 2015