Is God a figment of man’s imagination?

By Roger Marshall* Many intellectuals today and their adherents claim that God is only a figment of man’s imagination. They say that as man evolved from ape-like ancestors he also evolved his religious beliefs in an attempt to explain the frightening laws and phenomena of nature around him. In the words of the late evolutionist […]

The Failed Prophecies of Eugene Young

By Roger Marshall* “Barbados if you do not turn from your wicked ways I the Lord am Now about to pour out my wrath upon your nation like you have never seen before…Barbados, if you do not REPENT, The Lord says He will Shake, Shake your land, He will in the month of SEPTEMBER send […]

Islam: New way of Life?

By Roger Marshall* New way of life was the title of an article that appeared in the September 3rd, 2006, edition of the Sunday Sun which briefly chronicled the conversion of Sheikh Yusuf Estes from Christianity to Islam. The article is a testimony to the tolerance and freedom that is afforded to people of other […]

The Concept of God: A brief review

By Roger Marshall* The Concept of God was the title of Dr. Ikael Tafari’s article which appeared in the September 25th, 2006 edition of the Daily Nation. In that article Mr. Tafari said he regards Jesus, Haile Selassie I, and one Ben Ammi “as the three messianic personalities of the Christ.” This type of belief […]

Reflections on Christians in Crop-Over Pt. 2

By Roger Marshall* I believe Christians have always been involved in the more benign aspects of the Crop-Over Festival in Barbados such as Folk concerts, art and craft, and photographic exhibitions etc. However, since the advent of The Walk Holy Outreach Kadooment Band, with its stated purpose to “see the Body of Christ take dominion […]

The Anointing: Spiritual Force or Spirit of Truth?

By Roger Marshall* We are living in an time when many Christians view the Biblical doctrine of the anointing as if it were a highly charged exhilarating feeling, or some kind of high voltage energy source or force that flows through the atmosphere, our bodies, hands, and out through ones finger tips and palms to […]

Pleading The Blood of Jesus: What Does The Bible Say?

By Roger Marshall* One may wonder why I should question the practice of “pleading the blood of Jesus” which has been so entrenched in several Evangelical and Charismatic churches for many years. I question the practice for two basic reasons. First as a seeker after truth, the Bible commands us to prove or test all […]

The Uniqueness of Jesus Christ

By Rev. Clinton A. Chisholm* Any attempt to advance a case for the uniqueness (or ‘one-of-a-kindness’) of Jesus Christ is problematic. Problematic, not only because of the need to delve into comparative religion and literature (for which exercise we scarcely have time or space) but because the view abounds amongst some scholars that if there […]

Rightfully Dividing the Word of Truth A look at passages of Scripture often taken out of context

By Roger Marshall* 2 Timothy 2: 15 says, “Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a workman who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth.” One rule for correctly interpreting scripture is hermeneutics. What is hermeneutics? Bible scholar Dr. Robert Morey explains: “Hermeneutics is […]

Reflections on Christians in Crop Over

By Roger Marshall* It may be all well and good for a Christian to write and sing good, serious social commentary in our calypso tradition if he/she thinks that they must. Nevertheless, those who think that they must enter calypso competitions and parade in a Kadooment band to reach the lost ought to take another […]