Sex, Sexuality and Homosexuality: Engaging the Truth
(April 27 – 29, 2006) Sherbourne Conference Centre

A brief outline of the info covered in the workshops is as follows:
The Roots of Homosexuality
The media and others have misrepresented the causes of homosexuality as a pre-determined, biological condition. Others believe people choose to be homosexuals. This seminar examines the true nature of how homosexuality develops and illustrates this from personal experience.

What Does the Bible Say?
We take a powerful, straightforward look at what the Bible says about homosexuality, the way God deals with people struggling with sexuality (including homosexuality) and how God wants the church to respond.

Is Change Really Possible?
The mistaken idea of being born with same-sex attractions leads to the idea that change is not possible. This seminar discusses why change really is possible and how this brings hope into the lives of people who have been told there is no hope for them because they cannot change.

Someone I Love is Gay
Finding out that a child, spouse, relative or friend is homosexual can be an unwelcome surprise. You’re hit with a complex combination of emotions – grief, shame, guilt – and you are flooded with questions ranging from “Why?” to “What’s next?” We help you find the crucial balance between conviction and compassion in responding to or helping those who have embraced homosexuality.

Responding with Grace and Truth
Have you ever wondered what to say to someone who comes to you for help with confusion about homosexual feelings? Exodus’ experiences as people who have struggled with homosexuality and people who have been involved in helping others serves to help equip a church, a pastor, mentor or caregiver to come alongside those affected by homosexuality with grace and truth.

Homosexuality & Youth
The gay agenda is encroaching on youth across the nation through media and the classroom. Parents, teachers and administrators often find themselves at a loss as to how to deal with this onslaught. This session explains the struggles youths can have with homosexuality and what families, schoolteachers and churches can do to help students who are struggling with the roots of homosexuality.